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Tools of the Trade

Just as it says in the title. You can go very far without the tools of the trade!

I have made my first step in acquiring the necessary tools to keep readers informed and to make the visual updates to the blog. Yes I have acquired a digital camera.

Here is a sample

This was shot just outside of my living room window. You can’t see it since the weather was cooperating but it was snowing today.

Snow in April. Everyone was thrilled.


My First Post

Hey this is my first post. I’m just going to explain the purpose of this blog. The purpose of this blog is to archive any inspirations of awesome things that I come across in my life. I do play many different kinds of video games and I will be posting screenshots and video captures. I will also be posting photographs and video clips of awesome people and places I’ve seen or visited. Feedback is appreciated you can e-mail me anytime, or leave a comment.